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Alexander Sautner

Life is the best teacher!


I have always been able to multitask, growing up in different layers of societies. I am like a sponge, soaking up everything that the infinite possibilities and wonders in life offer. By having different types of circles of friends and stages of life, I have learned a lot about people and their behavior. With my pictures I want to encourage people to stop for a moment, to detach from everything and to rethink themselves and their opinion on a subject. Sometimes to really understand something you must empathize yourself in the person, object or even subject – it does not matter what it is. Whether it is another person, an animal, or even just a simple pencil. The important thing is to try to understand that everything that surrounds us has a right to exist in this universe. Everything that should happen, will happen!


There are some universal laws. They represent the existence of what we are. But what distinguishes us from all others is one thing. We were given a gift! An inexhaustible amount of imagination with associated characteristics, which are inevitable and connected to the universal law – finding an answer to this is the task of our species.


Everything is relative! And from it we draw our potential. Because without love there is no hate! Everything is in balance! But if we can manage not to forget and will be able to overcome our inherited "greed", we will make a huge evolutionary jump towards what we see as our question of questions: Are we alone in this immense universe? 


But to get there, we must change our basic way of thinking! We must find the flow. What does that mean? Well, it is not that easy to explain but I will try it anyway. For everything that exists, and you must think of it this way, everything that we think or know so far, exists in a certain harmony with everything that surrounds it. It is up to us to look above and beyond that. And we have acquired some mnemonic tricks ourselves over the course of time. Now we just must try to understand it to use them properly. And all that inspired us to become different was a tone. You must see it like this: The more complicated our music has become over the years and how it has changed, the more it shapes and develops us ubiquitously. We now must think outside the box and use it. And what is very deeply rooted in each of us is an indescribable feeling of when we look at the sky at night, a question that was the beginning of imagination and thinking! But this question cannot be asked in just one sentence. Because this question contains all our qualities, positive and negative feelings. And curiosity drives us to find an answer to it.

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